Digital signage is a beautiful way to connect with your clients and customers. Not only is it easy to hook up and use, it’s easy to change making it more adaptable to the evolving market. Because of the ease of incorporating the latest trend, we’re constantly looking for the best, new integrations for digital signage out there. That’s why we’re so excited to share more about our partnership with Walls.io, a social wall platform. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Walls.io?

Walls.io is an easy-to-use social media tool that allows you to collect, curate and showcase posts, photos or videos from various social platforms using hashtags, keywords, and profiles.

It’s a great way to share what your customers, clients, or employees are saying about you, your brand, and the company. It allows you to pick and choose what social posts are shared. And, unlike many of the usual social media aggregators, it allows you to  even add custom content to the feed and create a nice mix between social media posts and your brand's content. Walls.io allows you to put everything on one convenient screen.

What Else Should I Know?

With Walls.io, you aren’t just limited to streaming your social content to your digital signage. If your company is having an event, it can stream to the digital signage you have posted on the TV’s in the event halls, on the big screen between sessions, and even streamed online for anyone watching from home.

But you don’t have to just use them for big events! If you’ve had some exciting reviews on social media, put them on your digital signage to be displayed in the lobby. Tooting your own horn every once in a while is totally fine, right?!

How Does Walls.io Work With truDigital Signage?

If you want to get your truDigital signage hooked up to Walls.io, you can start by visiting their website. There you can create a free social media wall and also view some of their other plans and offerings.

The Walls.io set up is very intuitive and easy. You can visit the Walls.io Help Center by clicking here for instructions on creating a social wall. If you run into any issues connecting your Walls.io account to your digital signage account, our customer service is always available to help!