Why Digital Signage Is So Effective In Health Care Facilities

Using digital signage to communicate, guide and inform.

When the public, often reluctantly, have to visit health care locations, they often feel anxious and confused. In the current pandemic situation, such anxieties are surely further heightened. It's also hugely important, currently, to aim to minimize physical contact between both visitors and staff.

Digital signage, already recognized in many health care facilities for its on-going value in delivering key communications, is of even greater value in such circumstances.

Making the most of engaging digital signage

Our truDigital signage team have identified a range of specific ways in which the use of digital signage helps deliver effective health and care services across a range of locations from a general practice to major hospital facilities. Key among these are:

# Providing clear way-finding information

Trying to navigate the maze which a hospital often seems to visitors, simply adds to the anxiety many people already feel. With human contact also currently being problematical, digital signage, strategically placed and used with clarity, can provide vital guidance information. Clear directional maps or signs; 'where to find' directories for physicians, clinicians, and other key facilities, can make reaching their destination a much simpler process for anxious minds.

# Delivering standout safety messaging

From emergency alerts and safety procedure announcements to the delivery of timely 'stay safe' information relevant to any current situation, digital signage can offer clear, up-to-the-minute information, readily-viewed by visitors, patients and staff members.

Using a cloud-based content delivery system means that such content can be instantly-delivered to one screen or many, and to a single, or range of, geographical locations across a city, state - or even country-wide.

# Advising of current waiting times

Such a timely delivery system can help deal with a bugbear of so many health facility users: knowing how long they are going to have to wait. Digital signage screens can deliver queue management information; this is known to help alleviate the irritation caused to patients by a lack of such information.

# Informing both a waiting audience and staff members

While people wait, screens can provide both relevant health information, and engaging content for different groups of patients. They can also be used to gain revenue through the promotion of key services, specific products, or upcoming events in the surrounding community.

At the same time, digital signage screens placed in the staff's break rooms can provide vital company policy, work practice changes, and other key information. This can be much more effective than traditional noticeboards, whiteboards, and the like, which are often ignored, and are difficult to keep both tidy and completely up-to-date.

Bringing truly agile digital signage to your health care facility

With the delivery of current, and often-changing, information to be swiftly communicated to patients, visitors and staff, our truDigital team will be happy to hold an obligation-free discussion regarding the needs of your key locations. Talk to us now, here in Sandy, Utah, through our Live Chat Box, or by calling 1-801-852-9898...

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